Document ID ET-D20

Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D1-234, ET-D1-234 1860-1899 (BL) Loan 125/21/1
Document description programme, facsimile
Date 26 January 1878
Document form D - Programme
Document attributes Annotated
Production Date(s) [Jan 26 1878]
Venue Royal Court Theatre
Venue address Sloane Square SW
Time of performance 7.30pm
Producer John Huy
Scene Designer Gordon and Harford
Music Director Herr Schoening
General notes Ellen Terry as Mrs Merryweather; Charles Kelly as Mr Merryweather.
Language English

Works Cited

Title Sunshine Through Clouds
Source title La Joie Fait Peur
Original author Slingsby Lawrence
Title Victims
Original author Tom Taylor
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Document ID: ET-D20 Archive location: ET PROGS ET-D1-234, ET-D1-234 1860-1899 (BL) Loan 125/21/1