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Date Tuesday 10 June 1902 [12]
Document form D - Programme
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Production Date(s) Tuesday June 10th 1902
Venue Her Majesty's Theatre
Time of performance 8.15pm
Producer [Herbert Beerbohm Tree]
Scene Designer W. Telbin, Walter Johnstone, Hawes Craven
Costume Maker B. J. Simmons & Co., Miss Fisher, Edith Craig
Costume Designer Percy Anderson
Music Director Norman Bath
General notes The dress worn by Ellen Terry was made by Edith Craig. Music by Raymond Roze and Norman Bath.
Language English

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Title The Merry Wives of Windsor
Original author William Shakespeare
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TUESDAY, JUNE 10th, 1902, at 8.15 SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDY The Merry Wives of Windsor Sir John Falstaff - Mr. TREE Master Fenton - Mr. GERALD LAWRENCE Justice Shallow - Mr. J. FISHER WHITE Master Slender - (Cousin to Shallow) - Мr. CHARLES QUARTERMAIN Gentlemen dwelling at Windsor Master Ford - Mr. OSCAR ASCHE Master Page - . Mr. F. PERCIVAL STEVENS Sir Hugh Evans (a Welsh Parson) - Mr. COURTICE POUNDS Dr. Caius - (a French Physician) Mr. HENRY KEMBLE Host of the "Garter." Inn - Mr. LIONEL BROUGH Followers of Falstaff Bardolph - Mr. ALLEN THOMAS Nym - S. A. COOKSON Pistol - Mr. JULIAN L'ESTRANGE Robin - - (Page to Falstaff) Master VIVYAN THOMAS Simple - - (Servant to Slender) - Mr. O. B. CLARENCE Rugby - - (Servant to Dr. Caius) Mr. FRANK STANMORE Mistress Page - - Miss Ellen Terry (By the courtesy of Sir Henry Irving) Mistress Anne Page - (Daughter to Mrs. Page) - Mrs. TREE Mistress Quickly - Servant to Dr. Caius) Miss ZEFFIE TILBURY Mistress Ford - Mrs. Kendal (By the courtesy of Mr. W.H.KENDAL) Act 1. Scene 1. A Street in Windsor. - W.TELBIN Scene 2. A Room in Dr. Caius' House. - WALTER JOHNSTONE Scene 3. A Street in Windsor.- W.TELBIN Scene 4. A Room in the 'Garter' Inn - WALTER JOHNSTONE Act 2. Scene 1. Near Windsor - HAWES CRAVEN. Scene 2. A Street in Windsor.- W.TELBIN Scene 3. A Room in Ford's House. - WALTER JOHNSTONE Act 3. Scene 1, A Room in the 'Garter' Inn - WALTER JOHNSTONE Scene 2. A Room in Ford's House. - WALTER JOHNSTONE Scene 3. A Street in Windsor. - WALTER JOHNSTONE Scene 4. Windsor Forest. - HAWES CRAVEN. Programme of Music. Overture "Merry wives of windsor." Nicolai "Gypsy Suite" Edward German (Between Acts I. & II.) ENTR'ACTE "Merry wives of windsor." Sir A. Sullivan (Between Acts II. & III.) Incidental Music by Sir ARTHUR SULLIVAN, Mr. RAYMOND ROZE and Mr. NORMAN BATH. --- The costumes for this Production have been designed and supervised by Mr. PERCY ANDERSON. --- The costumes have been executed by Messrs. B. J. Simmons & Co., of King Street, Covent Garden. The Dress worn by Mrs. KENDAL has been made by Miss Fisher, 26, Bedford Street, Strand, and that worn by Miss ELLEN TERRY by Miss EDITH CRAIG, 13, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. --- STAGE DIRECTOR, Mr. PERCY NASH. ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER, Mr. H. W. VARNA. MUSICAL DIRECTOR, Mr. NORMAN BATH. --- MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 2.15 --- NO FEES. Mr. TREE does not permit fees to be received by any attendant in the Theatre, and hopes that the public will assist him in enforcing this rule, which has been made for their comfort. REFRESMENTS. This department is under the Management of Mr. JOSEPH SAXOS. Any complaints should be addressed to the Business Manager. For the convenience of visitors, the Exchange Telegraph company's Tape Instrument is working in the Foyer of this Theatre. --- Special Saturday Evening Performances, June 14th, & June 21st, "TRILBY" Svengali - - Mr. TREE Box OFFICE. (Mr. F. J. TURNER) OPEN DAILY from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PRICES-Private boxes, £4 4s., $3 3s., and £1 11s. 6d. RESERVED SEATS: Stalls, 10s. 6d.; Balcony Stalls, 7s.6d. Balcony, 5s. Upper circle, 4s. 3s., and 2s. UNRESERVED SEATS: Pit, 2s 6d. Gallery, 1s. Business Manager Mr. HENRY DANA. 206.01

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[appears to be a simple hand drawing of clouds and the end of a large ocean liner]

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