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Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D1-234, ET-D1-234 1860-1899 (BL) Loan 125/21/1
Document description programmes, two copies
Date 6 May 1885
Document form D - Programme
Document attributes Annotated
Production Date(s) Wednesday May 6th 1885
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 7.45pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Music Director Meredith Ball
Language English

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Title Hamlet
Original author William Shakespeare
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Royal Lyceum Theatre Sole Lessee and Manager, Mr HENRY IRVING. HAMLET.

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THIS EVENING, WEDNESDAY, MAY 6th, 1885, AT 7.45 WILL BE PRESENTED SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGEDY OF HAMLET. Hamlet: Mr. IRVING. Claudius: Mr. WENMAN. Polonius: Mr. H.HOWE. Laertes: Mr G.ALEXANDER. Horiatio: Mr TYARS.. Osric: Mr. HARVEY. Rosencrantz: Mr NORMAN FORBES. Guildenstern: Mr. LYNDAL. Marcellus: Mr. HARBURY.. Bernado: Mr. BENN. Franciso: Mr. CLIFFORD.. Reynaldo: Mr. CARTWRIGHT. 1st Player: Mr. LOUTHER.. 2nd Player: Mr. ARCHER. Priest: Mr. J. CARTER. 1st Gravedigger: Mr. S. JOHNSON. 2nd Gravedigger: Mr. A. GUERNEY. Ghost of Hamlet's Father: Mr. T. MEAD. Gertrude: Miss PAUNCEFORT. Player Queen: Miss FOSTER. AND Ophelia: Miss ELLEN TERRY. Synopsis of Scenery. --- ACT I. SCENE 1. ELSINORE-A PLATFORM BEFORE THE CASTLE. SCENE 2. A ROOM OF STATE IN THE CASTLE. SCENE 3. A ROOM IN POLONIUS'S HOUSE SCENE 4. THE PLATFORM SCENE 5. A MORE REMOTE PART. ACT II. SCENE 1. A ROOM OF STATE IN THE CASTLE. ACT III. SCENE 1. THE SAME. SCENE 2. A ROOM IN THE CASTLE. SCENE 3. ANOTHER ROOM IN THE SAME. ACT IV. SCENE 1. A ROOM IN THE CASTLE. ACT V SCENE 1. A CHURCH YARD. SCENE 2. OUTSIDE THE CASTLE. SCENE 3. A HALL IN THE CASTLE. --- The Overture, Entr'acte and Incidental Music, composed by Mr Hamilton Clarke. --- Stage Manager: Mr H.J.LOVEDAY. Musical Directory: Mr MEREDITH BALL. Acting Manager: Mr. BRAM STOKER.

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MAY HAMLET Thursday 7, Friday 8. Hamlet: Mr HENRY IRVING, Ophelia: Miss ELLEN TERRY. LOUIS XI Saturday 9: Louis XI: Mr HENRY IRVING. THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Monday 11, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, Thursday 14, Friday 15. Shylock: Mr HENRY IRVING, Portia: Miss ELLEN TERRY. THE BELLS. Saturday 16. Mathias: Mr HENRY IRVING. --- IN PREPARATION AND TO BE SHORTLY PRODUCED, "OLIVIA," BY W.G.WILLS. --- The Bill of the Play is in every part of the House be supplied without charge. No Fees of any kind will be permitted, and Mr. IRVING trusts that in his endeavour to carry out this arrangement he may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaints, or especial satisfaction, to refer at once to the Acting Manager. --- DOORS OPEN AT 7.15. PERFORMANCE COMENCES AT 7.45. --- NO FEES OF ANY KIND. --- Stalls, 10s.; Dress Circle, 6s.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s.; Gallery, 1s. Private Boxes, £2 2s. to £4 4s. --- Box Office open 10 till 5, under tbe direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST, of whom seats can be booked One Month in advance, also by Letter or Telegram. --- Booking Office for the PIT and GALLERY in the Pit Passage, open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Seats can be Booked by Personal Application Only (and not by letter), for One Week in advance. --- W.S.Johnson - "Nassau Steam Press," 60, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.

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Document ID: ET-D69 Archive location: ET PROGS ET-D1-234, ET-D1-234 1860-1899 (BL) Loan 125/21/1