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16 June 1890


Location St James's Hall, London, UK
Plays performed Macbeth


Date 16 July 1890
Play(s) Macbeth
Production Date(s) Wednesday July 16th [1890]
Venue St James's Hall
Time of performance 3pm
Conductor Meredith Ball
Document ID ET-D116a Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Second recital; music composed by Arthur Sullivan.
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ST. JAMES'S HALL. SECOND RECITAL BY Mr. HENRY IRVING and Miss ELLEN TERRY ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 16, At Three o'clock. MACBETH WITH SELECTIONS FROM SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN'S Music, composed expressly for the Lyceum production. FULL ORCHESTRA. Carriages at 4.45 o'clock. N.VERT 6, Cork Street, W.
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Characters represented. Duncan: King of Scotland. Malcolm, Donalbain: His Sons. Macbeth: Duncan's Cousin, and General of the King's Army. Banquo: General of the King's Army. Macduff, Lennox, Ross: Noblemen of Scotland. Fleance: Son to Banquo. Siward: GEneral of the English Forces. Seyton: An Officer attending on Macbeth. A Doctor. A Soldier. A Porter. Two Murderers. Lady Macbeth. A Gentlewoman: Attending on Lady Macbeth. Three Witches. Lords, Gentlemen, Soldiers, Apparitions, &c. Act I. SCENE An Open Place. SCENE Near Forres-a Camp. SCENE A Heath. SCENE Forres. The Palace. SCENE Inverness. Macbeth's Castle. SCENE Inverness. Before the Castle. SCENE Inverness. Lobby in the Castle. ACT II. SCENE.-lnverness-Court of Macbeth's Castle. ACT III. SCENE.-Forres-Hall in the Palace. SCENE.-Forres-Room in the Palace. SCENE.-Forres-Hall in the Palace. ACT IV. SCENE.-A Cavern SCENE.-England. A Country Lane. ACT V. SCENE.-Dunsinane-Ante-room in the Castle SCENE.-Dunsinane-the Castle SCENE.-The Wood of Birnam SCENE.-Dunsinane-the Castle SCENE.-Dunsinane-Palace before the Castle Period: 11th Century. There will be [crossed out] an Interval of Ten Minutes [replaced by hand-written] an Entr'acte of 5 minutes [then] after the Second Act The following Selections from SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN'S Music will be performed:- Overture-Incidental Music Prelude-Incidental Music CONDUCTOR: J.MEREDITH BALL.
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[leaf illustration] NOVELLO, EWER & CO., Printers, London.

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Ellen Terry published her autobiography, The Story of My Life (1908).

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