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12-14 November 1896


Location Royal Lyceum Theatre, London, UK
Plays performed Cymbeline


Date 12 November 1896
Play(s) Cymbeline
Production Date(s) Thursday November 12th 1896 to Saturday November 14th 1896
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Producer [Henry Irving]
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer Hawes Craven, J. Harker
Costume Maker Nathan & Co., Mrs Nettleship, Auguste & Co.
Costume Designer Mr Carl, Mrs Nettleship
Music Director Meredith Ball
Document ID ET-D182 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Ellen Terry as Imogen, Edward Gordon Craig as Arviragus and Henry Irving as Iachimo. Music composed by Hamilton Clarke; L. Alma Tadema advised on the production.
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ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE. Sole Lessee and Manager: HENRY IRVING. CYMBELINE The Eighteenth Season of the present Management.
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Cymbeline, 12-14 November 1896, Image 2 of 3

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY EVENINGS, NOVEMBER 12, 13, AND 14, 1896 AT 8 O'CLOCK, WILL BE PRESENTED Shakespeare's Comedy CYMBELINE. Britons. Cymbeline - King of Britain: Mr. MACKLIN. Cloten - Son to the Queen by a former husband: MR. NORMAN FORBES. Posthumus Leaonatus - A genleman, husband to Imogen: MR. FRANK COOPER. Belarius - Abanished lord, disguised under the name of Morgan: MR. FREDERIC ROBINSON. Supposed sons to Belarius Guiderious: MR. B.WEBSTER. Arviragus: MR. GORDON CRAIG. Pisanio- Servant to Posthumus: MR. TYARS. Cornelius - A physician: Mr. LACY Two British Captains: Mr. ARCHER, Mr. NEEDHAM. Two British Lords: Mr. CLARENCE HAGUE., Mr. BELMORE. Queen - Wife to Cymbeline: MISS GENEVIEVE WARD. Helen - Lady to Imogen: Mrs. TYARS. Imogen - Daughter to Cymbeline by a former Queen: Miss ELLEN TERRY Romans. Iacimo: HENRY IRVING Philario: Mr. FULLER MELLISH. Caius Lucius - Ageneral: Mr. H.COOPER CLIFFE. A Roman Caption: Mr. TABB. Lords, Ladies, a French Gentleman, a Dutch Gentleman, a Spanish Gentleman, Musicians, Officers, Captains, Soldiers, &c. SCENE:-Britain. Rome. Synopsis of Scenery. ACT 1. SCENE 1. Britain. Garden of Cymeline's Palace - Hawes Craven. SCENE 2. Rome. Philario's House. The Triclinium ACT 2. SCENE 1. Britain. Room in the Palace. SCENE 2. Britain. Before the Palace. - Hawes Craven. SCENE 3. Britain. Imogen's Bedchamber. ACT 3. SCENE 1. Britain. Garden of Palace. - Hawes Craven. SCENE 2. Rome. Philario's House. The Atrium. SCENE 3. Britain. Room in the Palace. ACT 4. SCENE 1. Wales. Before the Cave of Belarious. - Hawes Craven. SCENE 2. Wales. Near Milford Haven.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 3. Britain. Cymbeline's Palace. SCENE 4. Wales. Before the Cave.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 5. Wales. Near the Cave.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 6. Wales. Before the Cave- Hawes Craven. ACT 5. SCENE 1. Britain. Near the Roman Camp.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 2. Britain. The Field of Battle.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 3. Britain. Another part of the Field.- Hawes Craven.- Hawes Craven. SCENE 4. Britain. Cymbeline's Tent.- Hawes Craven. PERIOD: FIRST CENTURY. --- MR. L. ALMA TADEMA, R.A., Has kindly acted as adviser in the production of the play. --- Programme of Music. OVERTURE, "Cymbeline" ENTR'ACTE, "Cymbeline," No.1, "Allegro Molto Agitato" ENTR'ACTE, "Cymbeline," No.2, "Andante, Molto Cantabile" ENTR'ACTE, "Cymbeline," No. 3, "Lento Maestoso" ENTR'ACTE, "Cymbeline," March, "Allegro Vivace" [all composed by] Albert Dietrich. --- Incidental Music Composed and Arranged by Mr. HAMILTON CLARKE. --- The Madrigal, "Hark! the Lark," in Act 3, composed by Mr. HAMILTON CLARKE, and sung by Messers. C.THOMPSON, A.SHERRARD, R.P.TABB, AND STANLEY SMITH. --- MATINEES OF "CYMBELINE." WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, At Two o'clock, --- THE THEATRE WILL BE CLOSED ON THE EVENINGS OF DECEMBER 2ND AND 9TH.
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Cymbeline, 12-14 November 1896, Image 3 of 3

SPECIAL NOTICE. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, 25THE NOVEMBER, There will be, by special request, a performance of "THE BELLS." MATHIAS (His priginal part): HENRY IRVING. That being the Twenty0Fifth Anniversary of the Production of the Play. --- THE PERFORMANCE WILL COMMENCE, AT 8 O'CLOCK, WITH "JOURNEY'S END IN LOVERS' MEETING." LADY SOUPIRE: MISS ELLEN TERRY. There will be a Matinee of "Cymbeline" on this day. --- No Fees of any kind are permitted, and the Management trust that in their endeavour to carry out this arrangement, they may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaint, to refer at once to the Acting Manager. --- The Bill of the Play is in every part of the House supplied without charge. --- ACTING VERSION OF "CYMBELINE" ARRANGED BY HENRY IRVING. To be had at the Theatre, or Post-free by letter, One Shilling. --- Opera Glasses can be had on Hire from the Cloak-room Attendants, One Shilling each, in all parts of the House. --- This Theatre is lighted by Electricity, supplied by The Electricity Supply Corporation, Limited --- Doors open nightly at 7.30. Performance commences at 8. Carriages at 10.45. MATINEES Doors open at 1.30. PPerformance commences at 2. Carriages at 4.45. --- Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Musical Director - Mr MEREDITH BALL. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. --- Box Office, under direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST, open 10 to 5 and during the Performance. Private Boxes, £2 2s. to £4 4s.; Stalls, 10s 6d.; Dress Circle, 7s.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s. 6d.; Gallery, 1s. --- NO FEES OF ANY KIND. --- NOVELLO, LONDON.

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Ellen Terry is mentioned in Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula (1897).

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