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1 March 1897

Richard III

Location Royal Lyceum Theatre, London, UK
Plays performed Richard III


Date 1 March 1897
Play(s) King Richard III
Production Date(s) Monday evening March 1 1897
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Costume Maker Auguste et Cie Mrs Nettleship Mrs Reid
Costume Designer E. Hamilton Bell
Document ID ET-D969 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Music composed by Meredith Ball. Henry Irving as Richard. Gordon Craig as King Edward IV. Edith Craig as the King's page. Maude Milton as Elizabeth. Annotated on front with date.
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Richard III, 1 March 1897, Image 1 of 3

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE. Sole Lessee and Manager, Mr HENRY IRVING. KING RICHARD III. The Eighteenth Season of the present Management.
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Richard III, 1 March 1897, Image 2 of 3

MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 1, 1897, AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, WILL BE PRESENTED Shakespeare's KING RICHARD III. --- Richard, Duke of Gloster (afterwards King Richard III.) ... Brother to the King - HENRY IRVING. King Edward IV. - Mr. GORDON CRAIG. George, Duke of Clarence Brother to the, King - Mr. COOPER CLIFFE. Henry, Earl of Richmond (afterwards Henry VII.) - Mr. FRANK COOPER. Cardinal Bourchier - Mr CUSHING. Duke of Buckingham - Mr. F. H. MACKLIN. Duke of Norfolk - Mr. LACY. Lord Rivers - Mr. FULLER MELLISH. Lord Hastings - Mr. BEN WEBSTER. Lord Stanley Mr. - FREDERIC ROBINSON. Lord Lovel - Mr. GURNEY. Marquis of Dorset Son to Elizabeth - Mr. HOWARD. Bishop of Ely - Mr. REYNOLDS. Sir Richard Ratcliff - Mr. BELMORE. Sir William Catesby - Mr. TYARS. Sir Jame Tyrrel - Mr. CLARENCE HAGUE. Sir Robert Brakenbury - Mr. ARCHER. Lord Mayor of London - Mr. TABB. An Officer - Mr. RIVINGTON. First Murderer - Mr. NORMAN FORBES. Second Murderer - Mr. WM. FARREN, Junr. King's Page - Miss EDITH CRAIG. Sons to the King: Edward, Prince of Wales (afterwards Edward V.)} - Miss LENA ASHWELL. Ricahrd, Duke or York - Miss NORMAN. Elizabeth Queen to King Edward IV. - Miss MAUD MILTON. Duchess of York Mother to Edward IV., Clarence, and Gloster - Miss MARY RORKE. Lady Anne Widow of Edward,Prince of Wales ,son to King Henry VI. - Miss JULIA ARTHUR. Margaret Widow of Henry VI. - Miss GENEVIEVE WARD Lords, Ladies , Aldermen, Soldiers, Messengers, &c. [annotations] Synopsis of Scenery. Act 1. Scene.-A Street - Hawes Craven Act 2. Scene 1.-King's Ante-chamber - J.Harker Scene 2.-Prison in the Tower - J.Harker Scene 3.-King's Ante-chamber - J.Harker Act 3. Scene 1.-Cloisters of Westminster Abbey - Hawes Craven Scene 2.-A Street - Hawes Craven Scene 3.-Council Chamber - Hawes Craven Act 4. Scene 1 .-The Presence Chamber - J.Harker Scene 2.-The Ramparts of the Tower - J.Harker Scene 3.-Tower Hill - J.Harker Act 5. Scene 1.-Richmond's Encampment - Hawes Craven Scene 2.-Richard's Tent . - Hawes Craven Scene 3.-Richmond's Encampment - Hawes Craven Scene 4.-Richard's Tent - Hawes Craven Scene 5.-Bosworth Field - Hawes Craven --- Programme of music. OVERTURE "Richard III." Volkmann. ENTR'ACTE "Richard III." E. German. ENTR'ACTE "Richard III." Volkmann. ENTR'ACTE "Richard III." E. German. MARCH "Fest" J.Raff. --- The length of the run of KING RICHARD III. can be only a limited one, as, by the arrangements with MM. Sardou and Moreau, MADAME SANS-GENE is to be produced within a specified time. [spine] LOST PROPERTY: all applications regarding Property should be made to the Acting Manager. Any one finding Property lost will kindly leave it with the Acting Manager so that it can be restored to the rightful owner.
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Richard III, 1 March 1897, Image 3 of 3

Costumes from Designs by Mr. E. HAMILTON BELL, executed by AUGUSTE ET CIE, Mrs. NETTLESHIP, and Mrs. REID. Chorus Master, Mr. R.P. TABB Organist, Mr. HERBERT SAYERS. Properties by Mr. ARNOTT. Machinist, Mr. FILLERY. Perruquier, Mr. FOX. --- No Fees of any kind are permitted, and the Management trust that in their endeavour to carry out this arrangement, they may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaint, to refer at once to the Acting Manager. --- The Bill of the Play is in every part of the House supplied without charge. --- ACTING VERSION OF "RICHARD III." ARRANGED BY HENRY IRVING To be had at the Theatre, or Post-free by letter, One Shilling. --- Opera Glasses can be had on Hire from the Cloak-room Attendants, One Shilling each, in all parts of the House. --- This Theatre is lighted by Electricity, supplied by The Electricity Supply Corporation, Limited --- Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Musical Director - Mr MEREDITH BALL. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. --- DOORS OPEN AT 7.30, PERFORMANCE COMMENCES 8. CARRIAGES AT 10.45. --- The Box Office (under the direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST) open 10 to 5 and during the Performance. Private Boxes, £2 2s. to £4 4s.; Stalls, 10s 6d.; Dress Circle, 7s.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s. 6d.; Gallery, 1s. --- NO FEES OF ANY KIND. --- NOVELLO, LONDON

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